FGS Industrial Facilities Management is trading as FGS Agri Ltd.

With many years' experience of providing industrial services and industry knowledge the team at FGS are able to support a wide range of clients, finding solutions to their problems, both short and long term. FGS Industrial benefit from being part of the Heathcote Holdings group of companies which means we are able to utilise the resources available from the other companies within the group, often working together to provide efficient and cost effective solutions.

The range of industrial services provided by FGS Industrial Facilities Management have expanded over the years. Today we are able to offer waste management and waste recovery, labour supply, plant hire and transport, industrial cleaning, landscaping and project management services. Whether you’re looking for a solution to one problem or are after assistance with a number of issues, FGS can tailor services to suit your requirements.

Drain clearing with vacuum tanker and tractor
JCB loading shovel operative at work

Our north Kent operations started in 1994 with the removal of paper sludges and crumb from Kemsley Paper Mill. We worked with a number of contractors over the following years, using our farming background to source recycling outlets for the paper products as well as providing additional support services such as road sweeping services, emergency tractors and tankers and winter maintenance services including snow clearance and planned and emergency on site gritting services.

By 2011, Countrystyle Recycling, a company part of the Heathcote Holdings group, were undertaking off-site waste management services for the client, with FGS removing the paper waste produced at the paper mill and supplying it local farmers for use as an organic fertiliser. FGS were also managing all 24/7 waste management operations on-site.

Our 24/7 presence meant we were able to provide additional services to the client, either planned or emergency, including working closely to provide support services to other client affiliated companies and depots including cleaning services, machine hire and maintenance services. FGS were able to work with the client to develop concepts for material recovery, shredding and separation processes to allow landfill diversion and material re-use on site. This included working with Countrystyle Recycling to develop a recycling line to process materials that historically went to landfill – separating out metal to be recycled, paper fibre that could be re-introduced into the paper making process and clean plastics that could be sent for energy recovery or assessed for alternative recycling routes. The range of services offered by FGS grew over this contract including providing additional services such as cleaning around the paper machines.

In 2014 FGS secured the complete waste management contract at Kemsley Paper Mill for all waste management services, both on site and off site including all management and beneficial recycling of paper sludge and crumb. Alternative service solutions that FGS have sought out and provided are more bespoke and have enabled failed products to be split and reused into new products. Historically this material would have been sent off site to be processed with increased cost and carbon footprint for the client.

Our can-do attitude, cost savings and product development works led to the renewal of our contract in 2018. FGS have now expanded our industrial services beyond Kemsley Paper Mill, providing a variety of waste management, housekeeping, labour supply and landscaping services in the north Kent area.

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