Providing rapid emergency solutions to a broad range of problems, facilitating the safe and efficient continuation of site operations. 

Using our range of industrial services, our team offers reactive management solutions, with the ability to swiftly and effectively address emergency situations with our 24/7 support.  Whether it’s a clean up operation or snow clearance, we have a team of trained operatives and equipment readily available to mobilise at short notice. Our rapid response service can assist with risk mitigation, hazardous materials handling, containment strategies, safety protocols and more.

Emergency solution examples include:

  • Providing solutions in the event of machinery breakdowns
  • Gully clearance and ditching work
  • Winter Services including snow clearance and gritting
  • Flood clearance

Case Study – Management Services:

  • Brief
    Our client had a 3.5-ton grab that was filled with waste and had broken down, making it impossible to resolve the mechanical issue on site due to the presence of waste. The site was designed to operate using two of these grabs, and with one out of action, the plant was only able to operate at half of its capacity.
  • Challenge
    Unfortunately, since the grab was broken and inoperable, access to remove the waste was limited, and the nature of the waste made it impossible to remove by hand. Our team was tasked with utilising their problem-solving skills to restore the plant to its full capacity.
  • Solution
    FGS Industrial supplied the necessary machinery and a skilled operator, who was able to remove the waste from the grab while it was still in position. This enabled mechanics to disconnect the grab and send it away for urgent repair, enabling the site to operate at full capacity once again.

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