We can advise on recycling solutions in order to divert waste from landfill.

With many years experience of working for customers in the waste recovery sector we use our industry knowledge to put together bespoke waste recovery and disposal options.

Waste Management Solutions:

We aim to improve the environmental and financial efficiency of your waste on site.

Working with Heathcote Holdings sister companies, we can offer a closed loop recycling solution for your waste, striving to achieve landfill diversion where possible. We work with each client to undertake waste management of materials as well as identifying and sourcing waste processing equipment.

Materials we can fully recycle include:

  • Baled cardboard and plastic collections
  • General waste collections
  • Mixed dry recycling
  • Wood recycling
  • Metal recycling
  • Green waste disposal

To aid waste recycling we can source and install waste processing equipment for our client’s site(s).

Case Study – Waste Recovery:

  • Brief:
    Curtail the excessive flows of waste effluent through our customer’s treatment plant. The increased flows would have caused the plant to become out of consent any may have incurred fines from the Environment Agency.
  • Challenge:
    Finding a machine and operators to manage the increase in flows for this 24/7 operation, along with finding a suitable permitted outlet for the material.
  • Solution:
    FGS were able to source a centrifuge and chemicals to process and press the material and therefore handle the additional flows from site. Working in a restricted space, FGS were able to fabricate the containers and supply pipe work to run from the current facility and supply labour in order to process the material for the next 12 weeks. The team was able to flex the working hours to suit with the customers requirements. FGS were also able to source a suitable disposal outlet for the waste along with transport to clear the site as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Case Study – Recycling Solution:

  • Brief:
    Client had an issue with Windblown material leaving the stockpile area.
  • Challenge:
    The Environment agency had a visit the customer regarding windblown plastics, the challenge was to find a way of containing the material but also allowing the material to shift.
  • Solution:
    FGS where able to use farming techniques to clamp the material in a breathable and heavy-duty sheet, thus containing the material and bringing the client back into consent with the EA. FGS are now able to support our client with regularly sheeting of materials within the client’s site.

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